It was a crisp and cold Good Friday morning that saw Angeline and me rising early to kiss the crack of dawn. To break the glut of studio shoots, I decided to try something completely left of field and way out of my comfort zone: shooting on location, in natural light. Shooting in a studio is easy as you can control everything; but shooting on location, you’re stuck with what you brought with you, and you’re at the mercy of the sun, the weather, and nature.

Fearing an overcast day and morning, we were lucky to have clear skies. I wanted clear skies because that would allow for the sun-kissed photos I wanted.

With sunrise rapidly approaching, we barely made it to the location in time. With only the kangaroos, and occasional dog walker, to keep us company. I took a risk by not scouting the location beforehand, but I was happy to see that the location was exactly as I hoped (score 1 for Google Earth).