The following only applies to images supplied to models as the result of a [tooltip title=”Trade for Pics/Photos/Prints”]TFP[/tooltip] shoot.


Unless agreed to otherwise, copyright of the images remains with the photographer. This means that the images cannot be copied, altered, published, or sold, etc. For example, the following is not permitted:

  • Adding text or a watermark
  • Applying a filter with Instagram/Photoshop/etc
  • Cropping or resizing the image
  • Selling or giving the image to someone else
  • Printing copies to sell or giveaway


The model is free to use the images for self-promotion only, this includes:

  • On online portfolio and networking sites such as ModelMayhem
  • On a Facebook Page or profile
  • On Twitter
  • On Tumblr
  • On a website dedicated for the model
  • On Instagram (without cropping the image–use software like SquareReady to add a white or black border to make the image square)

All other rights are reserved.

Moral Rights

When the images are published, I have to be attributed as the photographer.