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Catch-Up: Pose Project Management

Back in early 2012, a page started up on Facebook called, “Pose Project Management” aka PPM. The page provided the service of acting as a bureau to assist in setting […]

Angels at Dawn

It was a crisp and cold Good Friday morning that saw Angeline and me rising early to kiss the crack of dawn.

Catch-Up: Bumbling with Ms Bubsy

I realise it’s been a long time since I’ve published a blog post, so I feel it’s nigh time I started up again. I’ll be writing a series of Catch-Up […]

Much ado for a pair of shoes

A while back, Marina bought a new pair of high-heels – well, high-heel shoes without the high heels (aka pony shoes). From the shoes, a shoot was born.

Model 208

About a month ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Danni (aka Model 208 from Model Mayhem) who had made the 3 hour trek to Canberra to party away […]

Multicultural Feastival

The National Multicultural Festival (aka Beer and Meat on a Stick Festival, or Feastival) is an annual event in Canberra to celebrate Australia’s multicultural society. It’s a chance for people […]

The Burning One

Last Saturday I had the immense pleasure of shooting with Joanne (aka Seraphiim) from Northern Sydney. While she doesn’t have six wings, Jo is an angel in front the camera. […]

Canberra Strobists at The White Room

Thiery Nguyen from Nomad Photography and Rob van Heuzen from The White Room (and Performance Wedding Cars) hosted the first Canberra Strobists meetup.

It was a great chance for 15+ photographers and models to get together, shoot some pics, meet each other, and do some networking.

Up Mt Stromlo with a Ballerina

Marina and I took a trip up to Mt Stromlo to have some fun and take some photos. Despite the cold, Marina was a trooper and powered on for the […]